New Babe/Tex Litter  12-7-2016
Watermark's Tex King of Troy
Sired by a Champion
AKC SR71628305
Chip #4C2 234 7301
EIC & CNM Clear
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
DOB 2-15-2010
Babe Princess of Troy
AKC# SR85783304
SOB 1-1-2015
Sire-- Jack Jr JJ King of Troy
Dam --Iris Princess of Troy
Breeder James Zaleski
Hips Prelim OFA Excellent
                Babe Tex Litter   
                     DOB 12-7-2016
                                    Selection  Date About 1-18-2017
                                    Take Home Date  About 2-1-2017

Pup #     Customer   New Home                Selection Date              Pup Collar    Take Home  
                                         Week 1-18-17                    Color     
   Week 2-1-17
                                                                                                                       Through Week 2-5-17             

Male #1         LF         Poteet Tx                 No Selection                Red Male            Jan 31    Noon- 1PM

Female #1     LC        Del Valley Tx            Jan 14 1PM                 Red Female        Feb 2      Noon          

Female #2     MR       Victoria TX                Jan 16  11:30--12:30    Blue Female       Feb  4     1130-1230

Female #3     BS        Highland Village TX  Unscheduled               White Female      Jan 28    Late PM

Female #4     JC        Woodway TX             No Selection                Green Female     Feb 1      530 PM
White Female
Going to
Highland Village
Green Female
Going to
Woodway Tx
Red Male
Going to
Poteet TX
ID Photos