Sage Tex Litter
June 7  2013
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Sage Male ID Pictures
Sage Female ID Pictures
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Puppy Evaluation
Eric and Allison Sutton


Sire: Tex:  About 80 lbs, lean, muscular appearance.  Excellent "marker"- great hunting skills, good memory, calm, easygoing, enjoys working, enjoys
exercising/ running, Tex has the natural and very desirable ability to turn it on in the field and off in the house, really enjoyed seeing Tex calm down and take
a nap at James’ feet in the house.  Has an independent streak, but enjoys companionship.  Sired by HRCH Watermark’s Texas Roadtrip MH “Cody” (HRCH-
Hunting Retriever Champion, MH- Master Hunter- Cody is qualified for Master Nationals, which he will run in in Kansas in the Fall 2013)  Cody is currently the
most sought after Sire for Chocolate Lab’s in Texas- exceptional pedigree and blood lines.)
(We own 2 pups from Cody’s litters, can’t say enough positive things about these dogs.)

Dame: Sage: About 86 lbs, large female with a short stature, ideal size for hunting, large enough to pick up big birds, but short stature takes up less room in
the house. Sage has some very clear wonderful maternal instincts, she LOVES her puppies, she is very gentile, social, loving, kind, and her pups will thrive
in homes with children and families. She is calm, easygoing, but still affectionate and outgoing, also very patient.  

Puppies General:  Very outgoing, they all woke up from their nap to greet us, not fearful, very friendly and happy puppies!  
I really like their physical appearance, they weren’t too fat or too skinny, don’t want to get your puppies too fat, causes hip and elbow dysplasia as adults,
weight looks good.  All have similar coloring, light brown shade, will probably darken as they grow up.  

Facilities General: Nice and cool in the whelping room, yard was clean and manicured.  I love that the puppies can come in and out through their puppy door
anytime they want; this reinforces very good potty training skills.  During our visit several puppies went potty in the outside yard, they didn’t potty near us,
they went to the back corners of the yard, away from their play area, again demonstrating good potty training skills and a desire to stay clean.  
Red Male: Today weight  8.15 lbs
Seemed to be calmest of the males, laid back, loving, gentile.  Cuddle pup!  Will be an ideal companion dog!
White Male        : Today's Weight  7.7 Lbs
Outgoing , playful, one of the first to greet us when we arrived, inquisitive, curious.  Hunting prospect, or wonderful family companion.
Blue Male:        Today's Weight   7.45 Lbs
Outgoing, friendly, very affectionate, good hunting prospect, spunky, very similar to some of his brothers, but when I let the pups chew on my fingers, this
pup was careful, thoughtful & gentile; this pup will thrive in a home with children.
Green Male        : Today's Weight  6.9 Lbs
Outgoing, good hunt prospect, spunky, demonstrated good potty training skills, sweet, loving and gentile- cuddle puppy!  This pup LOVED to be loved on!

Red Female: Today's weight  8.7 lbs
Most outgoing of the females, greeted us when we arrived, played with us throughout visit and continued to play after other puppies went in for a nap.  Lots
of energy, definite hunting prospect, very playful, good natured puppy, also seemed very intelligent.

White Female: Today's Weight   7.7 lbs
Outgoing, introduced herself right away, immediately took to giving me kisses and chewing on my shoes!  Nice mix of outgoing, but gentile, think this puppy
will thrive in a home with children, very social with other puppies too, good hunting prospect.

Blue Female: Today's Weight  7.7 Lbs
This female is a little more cautious than the rest, she didn’t recognize us so it took her a second to warm up, but once she did she was a big love bug!  This
pup is very affectionate and loves to be loved on.  This pup will thrive in a home with children, can see her developing protective instincts, she will really
value her family because she doesn’t warm up to just anyone, only “her people”.

Green Female: Today's Weight  6.8 Lbs
Most laid back, this female was very affectionate and loving, she wanted to be a lap puppy, just be held and loved on.  She will make an exceptional
companion dog; I can see her wanting to follow her owners everywhere, very sweet, good natured, would do very well with children.

Yellow Female: Today's Weight 6.3 Lbs
Most outgoing, very vocal, this pup has spunk!  Smaller of the females, petite, outgoing, definite hunting prospect, this pup is going to be a little ball of fire, in
a good way!  Also demonstrated very good potty training skills, very interactive with us and other puppies, lots of energy, would thrive in a home with
children, very playful!

Thanks so much for letting us get to know your puppies; this promises to be a phenomenal litter just like those before.  We have already been so impressed
with your puppies through training, can’t wait to get to know some more and help them to reach their full potential, whether that’s as hunting retrievers of
family companions.
Thank you!
Eric and Allison Sutton
Elite Gundogs, Troy TX
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Dixie Sage Princess
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