Sire BUCK  --  Tall, Athletic, Short slick dark coat
From pointing stock in Kansas, Calm disposition
Spice Princess of Troy
Labrador Retriever Female Chocolate
Athletic Tall  80 lbs

Date Whelped:  07/12/2003

Sire: Nestle' Quick Co Co (Chocolate)
(Grandparents Chocolate)

Dam:  Koda Dakota  
(Grandparents and Great
Grandparents                 include Chocolate,
Yellow and Back)                           -( Dam 85 lbs)
-Great Hunting Field Trial Background
including         Master Pointer and Grand
Master                                (Beckmanns Ace of
-Calm disposition great pet
5 Yellow
8 Chocolate
Snickers from
Spice / Buck Litter 1-18-2006
One Week Old
Two Weeks Old-Yellows 2F 3M
Two Weeks Old-Chocolates 4 F & 4M
Snickers from
Buddy at Six Months
July 2006
Lola at 6 months
Rolo at Two Months
Rolo at Six Months
Buddy Left and
Jimmy Right
13 Months